Capture HTTP(s) traffic from Android Device

Capture and inspect network traffic on your Android devices with a few steps.

Open Android Setup Guide
Open menu Toolbar -> Certificate -> Install Certificate on Android -> Physical Devices.
Configure Wifi Proxy on Android device
Open Setting -> Wi-Fi -> Select current Wi-Fi -> Configure Proxy with the info provided from the Setup Guide.
Download Proxyman Certificate
Visit website to download Proxyman CA Certificate.
Install and Trust Proxyman Certificate
Settings app -> Security -> Encryption & Credentials -> Install a Certificate -> Select Proxyman CA Certificate.
Then verify that "Proxyman CA Certificate" is on Trusted Credentials.
Add Proxyman Configuration to your project
Copy and paste the configuration to your res/xm|/network_security_config.xml file (1) and AndroidManifest.xml file (2)
Inspect HTTP Traffic from Android Emulators
Supports Apple Silicon Chip & macOS Sonoma 14
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Native macOS app

Best-in-class macOS app with meticulous attention to detail.

Proxyman is a native macOS app, which allows developers to capture HTTP / HTTPS traffic

All you'd expect from a great Mac app: Familiar UI, Universal Shortcuts Keys, and super-fast Apple M1/M2/M3 performance.

Complete suite of network debugging tools

Dive into the network level to diagnose and fix problems with reliable and powerful tools.

SSL Proxying

Proxyman acts as a man-in-the-middle server that capture the traffic between your applications and SSL Web Server. With built-in macOS setup, so you can inspect your HTTP/HTTPS Request and Responses in plain text with just one click.

Multiple Filters


Narrow down your search with Proxyman's Multiple Filters. You can combine complex filtered criteria like Protocol, Content-Type, URL, Request Header, Response Header, Body, etc that find exact what you're looking for.

GraphQL Debugging

Proxyman supports GraphQL

Easily debug GraphQL Request by defining a matching rule with a particular GraphQL QueryName. Works with Breakpoint, Map Local, Map Remote, and Scripting Tool.

Scripting Tool

Use Javascript to manipulate the request/response content with Proxyman

Breakpoint, Map local GUI is so slow?

Try Scripting Tool: Use Javascript code to manipulate the Request/Response with your own logic.

We provide a handful of Snippet Code, common Add-ons and JS Libraries to facilitate your debugging procedure and make it 100x faster.

Breakpoint Tool

Change the request/response content on the fly with Proxyman. Support Header, Status Code, URL, Body

Breakpoint Tool helps you to modify Requests/Responses Data on the fly without changing any client code. Supports URL, Headers, Body, Status Code, Raw Message, etc.

Map Local Tool

Map a local file with a matched response with Proxyman

Map Local Tool allows developers to mock a Response with a local file. Boost development speed up by directly modifying the response with Status Code, Header, and Body without waiting for the backend.

Spot your bugs with ease

Quickly find the differences between requests/responses with built-in Diff Tool.

Side-by-Side or Unified Display, with Light/Dark GitHub Theme.

Try Online

Perform Diff operation directly on your Web Browser. Your data is safe πŸ”

Try macOS app

Offline macOS app works with your local data. Lifetime deal.

Inspect network traffic from iOS/ Android

Easy-to-follow instructions to capture HTTP traffic from your iOS/ Android devices, simulators, emulators.

Proxyman capture http and https traffic with iOS and Android devices

Capture traffic from iOS/ Android devices

Proxyman provides a straightforward walkthrough to set up a Proxy with iOS, Android physical devices, iOS Simulators and Android Emulators .

Simply follow the detailed instructions to capture and intercept HTTP(s) traffic with just a few clicks.

Capture traffic from iOS Simulators

Tired of manual & error-prone config on your iOS Simulator?

Leave all complicated steps to us and let Proxyman automatically inspect the network traffic for you. No need to configure HTTP Proxy, Install or Trust any Certificate.

Capture HTTPS traffic from iOS Simulator with Proxyman

Capture traffic from mobile devices

iOS Devices

Capture network traffic on iOS devices with a few clicks.

iOS Simulators

Capture network traffic on iOS Simulators without manual configuration.

Android Devices

Capture network traffic on Android devices in a few steps.

Android Emulators

Capture network traffic on Android Emulators with the Emulator Automatic Script.

Capture traffic from popular network libraries


axios, fetch (v18+), node-fetch, got, https, and superagent.


http, net/http, net/https, httparty, fastlane, and faraday.


request, aiohttp, http.client, urllib3, and httpx.

More than 80,000+ happy users

Proxyman is used daily by 80k+ developers worldwide. Here are some of their feedbacks.

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