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This mini-blog would demonstrate how to use the Multiple Filters to quickly filter out your requests/responses.

1. Problem

In certain circumstances, we need to combine multiple criteria to filter exact the request/response.

For instance:

  • Filter all Requests that have "country=us" in the Query, AND contains "id-123" in Request's Header
  • Filter all Response that has 404 Status code and from the domain ""
  • Filter all Response that the Response's Headers contains two keys: "X-Proxyman-ID" and "X-Proxyman-Data"

Even with complex criteria, such as:

  • List all Request/Response that the Status code is 400 OR Status code 500
  • ...

From Proxyman 2.22.0, you can do it with the Multiple Filters feature.

Multiple Filters

Multiple Filters

You can create multiple filters:


  • URL
  • Query String
  • Request Header
  • Response Header
  • Request Body
  • Response Body
  • Method
  • Status Code
  • Comment
  • Color
  • All: Includes URL, Query, Status, Method, Headers, and Body

Matching Rule:

  • Contains
  • Not Contains
  • Start With
  • End With
  • Equal
  • Not Equal
  • Regex

Combination Rule:

  • AND
  • OR


Proxyman also provides multiple shortcuts to make your life easier.

  • ⌘F: Display the filter and focus on the last one
  • ⌘N: Clone new filter
  • ⇧⌘N: Remove current Filter
  • ⌘↑: Focus on the previous filter
  • ⌘↓: Focus on the next filter
  • ESC: Dismiss the filter

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Noah Tran
Noah Tran