All release version of Proxyman for Windows & Linux

Proxyman Windows/Linux: 2.14.0: Introduce the External Proxy Tool

  • Release date: 15 Apr 2024
  • Download Windows: Download
  • SHA-256: Windows: 0efa28c1f1d7bdaf1e9b169b9b419814d0a9982db5347dd5c7ac9c00ef0fafc8
  • Download Linux: Download
  • SHA-256: Linux: 3a5318fc80ba3e776486ec5f23dc8599ae92a619beff6a5311e051a6a4d30477
✨ Features
  • Introduce the External Proxy Tool to help developers set up Proxyman with their corporate Proxy Server
  • Introduce the new Advanced Proxy Settings
🐞 Bugs
  • Fixed: Highlight color doesn't render if it's a selected row
  • Fixed: Cannot switch off the "Don't ask again" in the Alert when closing the app
  • Fixed: JSON Body parser causes missing large number
  • Fixed: Map remote websocket support

Proxyman Windows/Linux: 2.13.0: Customize Headers Columns and New Proxy Settings πŸŽ‰

  • Release date: 01 Apr 2024
  • Download Windows: Download
  • SHA-256: Windows: 13f752598364c7e507481889a2ce0af856c587bca05007583713cd228d5a5a45
  • Download Linux: Download
  • SHA-256: Linux: ae9864c77c0208c7938692c181ebf9096df08ed0c325ef7de3c63eabe729dc9c
✨ Features
  • Introduce Custom Header Column: We can add Header as a Column. Easier to read the Header.
  • Introduce New Proxy Settings
  • Support Highlight by Color (red, green, ...)
  • Add new menu context to the Source List
⚑️ Improve
  • New Setting screen with new settings: Toggle 24h Format, Alert before closing the app, full-time date mode, etc
  • [Scripting] Add Color/Comment by Scripting
  • Replace checkbox with Tailwind UI Checkbox
  • Support Server-sent Event with Proxyman
🐞 Bugs
  • Fixed: Can not fetch the current IP from user machine
  • Fixed: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'filter')
  • Fixed: [Map Remote] Invalid URL when mapping a empty path URL
  • Fixed: Server-Sent Event (SSE) doesn't work

Proxyman Windows/Linux: 2.12.0: Introduce Map Remote Tool 🌍

  • Release date: 10 Mar 2024
  • Download Windows: Download
  • SHA-256: Windows: 5b1d592fb5e758209578dbe73747960e8698bf1ee2c72275e533aa5245414dad
  • Download Linux: Download
  • SHA-256: Linux: ae9864c77c0208c7938692c181ebf9096df08ed0c325ef7de3c63eabe729dc9c
✨ Features
  • Introduce Map Remote Tool: Allow developers to change the destination of your URL easily. Useful for changing localhost requests to production and vice versa
  • Add missing filters from macOS: Including All, Request Body, Response Body, IP Address, Comment, ...
⚑️ Improve
  • Support Wildcard on the left panel. It is useful to match multiple domains with a single wildcard rule
  • Support GraphQL on Filter
  • Improve the Right Menu-Context for the left panel
  • [Map Remote]: Import / Export Rule
  • [Map Remote]: Work with Breakpoint and Scripting Tool
  • [Map Remote]: Support WebSocket
  • Able to Edit Proxying List Entry in the SSL Proxying List
  • [Map Remote]: Auto parse the Map Remote URL to each component like Charles Proxy
🐞 Bugs
  • Fixed: Creating new rules that don't contain the GraphQL Query Name
  • Fixed: [Scripting] Multipart form data broken if used with scripting
  • Fixed: The WebSocket UI is off
  • Fixed: Proxy in Setting doesn't work when activating License Key with Corporate Proxy
  • Fixed: Clear Session doesn't clear all TreeNode's child
  • Fixed: Unable to verify the first certificate
  • Fixed: Broken UI with large font size

Proxyman Windows/Linux: 2.11.1: Hotfix and Improve Stability

  • Release date: 21 Feb 2024
  • Download Windows: Download
  • SHA-256: Windows: 3f100669ec1980fb04e36a23b1b00583e23c5c8b4c810f2a41204faf3ce13b47
  • Download Linux: Download
  • SHA-256: Linux: 3818e76ed20504a8b870259747116da11f3747bdc97a02093d814388400b9295
🐞 Bugs
  • Fixed: Proxyman does not accept Self-signed certificates from the user's website
  • Fixed: HLS Media Manifest wrong display (Binary instead of text)
  • Fixed: SSL Proxying List does not work with a domain (has - character in the name)
  • Fixed: White Screen when showing the Body

Proxyman Windows 2.11.0: Introducing the Scripting Tool βœ…

  • Release date: 15 Feb 2024
  • Download Windows: Download
  • SHA-256: Windows: 3cdc9185344f1f5f34586ff90d864ed284f29aa92bc2741799ca357a69990c17
  • Download Linux: Download
  • SHA-256: Linux: 395de082b6b29250541454da196456b463c8c404da3b7bc257406828e3ba640a
✨ Features
  • Introduce the Scripting on Windows/Linux: Write JS to modify the Request (Method, URL, Header, Body, and Query) and Response (Status Code, Header, Body) with ease.
  • [Scripting] Support axios to make HTTP(s) requests inside the Script
  • [Scripting] Support built-in library to perform common tasks: e.g. base64, encryption, ...
🐞 Bugs
  • Fixed: PRO Tag is glitched
  • Fixed: Can't use F5 when using other apps.

Proxyman Windows with Scripting

Proxyman Windows: 2.10.0: New build for 2024.

  • Release date: 23 Jan 2024
  • Download Windows: Download
  • SHA-256: Windows: 77dd27977a2b22f694c0173e2db77a1fa5e79297a96fca11e9674a59287d5a6c
  • Download Linux: Download
  • SHA-256: Linux: 457e50ec9be7f72bd14bcf83d06d91352379ee0cd42181a8c1efe002b2dfd430
✨ Features
  • Introduce the Filter Websocket message to the WebSocket UI
  • Support Timestamp Convert (Second and millisecond)
  • [Compose & Edit] Support timeout and auto-redirect
⚑️ Improve
  • Detect if the Proxyman Root CA Certificate is expired
  • Support new Setting for Appearance (Monospace Font, Tab Width, and Show Invisibles)
  • Support Multiple selection for the Source List
🐞 Bugs
  • Fixed: Delete all flows does not work
  • Fixed: Source List jumps after deleting a domain node

Proxyman Windows: 2.9.0: Introduce Network Condition Tool to simulate slow networks 🐒

  • Release date: 12 Dec 2023
  • Download Windows: Download
  • SHA-256: Windows: eea29dbea1c5f51a8ea25e238a8d95e9e6841e427704328bf4b2073488977f9f
  • Download Linux: Download
  • SHA-256: Linux: 4dba91ec2de0ed68ceb724941bb76ac8e071d0c1607a442e341fa80fae048aa0
✨ Features
  • Introduce a Network Condition tool that helps developers to simulate slow networks. Support various profiles, e.g 3G, 4G, 5G, 100% drop, etc
🐞 Bugs
  • Fixed: Could not decrypt HTTPS from Firefox due to invalid certificate

Proxyman Windows & Linux: v2.8.0: Improve Stability and UI πŸ› οΈ

  • Release date: 23 Nov 2023
  • Download Windows: Download
  • SHA-256: Windows: 4f282a86175f31db1b22adff049d30bb75812c39b254f31728014d5beff16702
  • Download Linux: Download
  • SHA-256: Linux: 37b1f6330ddf70fcba603ae060592a145db5e6d9388ddc7ef4b5a397783442ef
✨ Features
  • [Map Local] Users can toggle the Auto-save in the Map Local Editor
  • Improve some UI: Fix the padding of the Filter button. Use the Primary Badge color for the active tools in the bottom navigation toolbar
  • Improve SSL Proxying List UI: Combine add Domain and Wildcard into the same text field.
🐞 Bugs
  • Fixed: [Map Local] Editor is buggy due to auto-save features.
  • Fixed: [Compose] The URL text field does not update the Raw Tab during editing -> Causes Proxyman to make the old URL
  • Fixed: Can not copy a header
  • Fixed: POST data not properly escaped when exporting as cURL command
  • Fixed: SSL Proxying List does not work in some cases

Proxyman Windows/Linux: 2.7.0: Better Previewer for Auth (Basic Authentication, JWT Token, etc), Multiparts and MsgPack πŸŽ‰

  • Release date: 08 Nov 2023
  • Download Link: Windows: Download
  • SHA-256: Windows: e1ee3ba0f454cb00f42dc61aeda6382e8a105e6b6e999e0caf57078c8f2709bc
  • Download Link: Linux: Download
  • SHA-256: Linux: 5489be29cf5acf063b7a0f881caed9b63abebf5016a37cb13e76648998eba4db
✨ Features
  • Introduce the Auth Preview Tab, which provides a better preview of Basic Authentication, JWT Token, Bearer, etc.
  • Introduce the MsgPack Tab: Serialize and beautify MsgPack to JSON.
  • Introduce the Multiple Part Forms: Easily preview multipart data.
  • Introduce Proxy Settings for Proxyman in Setting.
🐞 Bugs
  • Fixed: SSL Proxying not working correctly with 302 Moved Temporarily.
  • Fixed: Could not activate the License Key due to cooperated Proxy Server.
  • Fixed: Crash after deleting tunnels.
  • Fixed: Opening HAR files generated by Chrome gives malformed or missing responses.

Proxyman Windows 2.6.0: Manually Install Proxyman Certificate Guide ✨

  • Release date: 22 Oct 2023
  • Download Link: Download
  • SHA-256: 8b25af30026101d48d949e1ee3695854f5439562129e5f0bda2c8d42889e6617
✨ Features
  • Introduce a "Manual Install Proxyman Certificate" to Windows OS. It's the alternative solution if you don't want to install it automatically.
  • Introduce the "Quick View" that lets users quickly show the inline base64, and beautify inline JSON, JWT, and Key Value.
🐞 Bugs
  • Improve the Proxyman Pro UI: Hide the FREE column if it's the PRO version
  • Remove an unnecessary BlueprintJS library

Proxyman for Windows

Proxyman Windows 2.5.0: New Design for Proxyman PRO

  • Release date: 10 Oct 2023
  • Download Link: Download
  • SHA-256: 0d627203f17ed3c19b79600b836102938cd0de9b2ec23d9db11cddb0824c01c9
✨ Features
  • Revamp new Windows UI with a modern look and ease of use.
  • Redesign the Proxyman Pro design
  • Introduce the comparison list between the FREE and PRO version
🐞 Bugs
  • Fixed: Could not detect the current local IP

Proxyman Windows 2.4.0: Introduce WebSocket Inspector

  • Release date: 13 Sep 2023
  • Download Link: Download
✨ Features
  • Support WebSocket: Proxyman for Windows can inspect and decrypt WS/WSS traffic.
  • Websocket: Auto prettifies JSON payload.
⚑️ Improve
  • Export Certificate to different formats (DER, PEM, P12, Private Key)
  • Refactor Setup Guide from Android Device + Android Emulator
🐞 Bugs
  • Postman issues with 204 Status Code

Proxyman Windows: 2.3.0: Map Local v2: Support Binary Body ❀️

  • Release date: 22 Aug 2023
  • Download Link: Download
  • SHA-256: 16c5b9b95984acc7db5743fba4bb347fc96697327716f0123c3416d68b550a5a
⚑️ Improve
  • Map Local works with Binary/Image Response Body
  • Use Aptabase as a replacement of Universal-Analytic
🐞 Bugs
  • Fixed: Crash on Function.createHTTPSummary(http-summary.ts)
  • Fixed: Infinite Loop on 9090

Proxyman Windows: 2.2.0: Introduce HTTP Message Editor & Allow List Tool

  • Release date: 09 Aug 2023
  • Download Link: Download
  • SHA-256: a935499409ae727db05278ced56247d7310c10c66d63b5cd754f5223d057403c
✨ Features
  • Introduce Allow List Tool: Allows developers to limit what domains should allow to display on the Proxyman app.
  • Introduce Raw Message Editor for Breakpoint (Request/Response) and Compose View. Quickly edit the data (URL, Header, Query, Status Code) by text.
⚑️ Improve
  • Fixed: Opening HAR files generated by Chrome gives malformed or missing responses

Proxyman Windows: 2.1.0: Introduce the Diff View and Block List

  • Release date: 04 Aug 2023
  • Download Link: Download
  • SHA-256: 9e04b552db47f36f84f4a526c06e823eb2cbb3f0c023c3713aba72f91210a924
✨ Features
  • Introduce the Diff View which enables developers to quickly find a difference between two Request/Responses.
  • Support Block List: Set a rule to block certain requests
  • Introduce the Summary Tab
⚑️ Improve
  • Trim the newline + whitespace in the Leading/Trailing URL Rule

Proxyman Windows: 2.0.0: Introduce the Exclude List for the SSL Proxying List βœ…

  • Release date: 13 Jul 2023
  • Download Link: Download
  • SHA-256: 294f75f7882cf729099d3196016082d8d336af1be8c45bb0095aa21c892dd984
✨ Features
  • Introduce the Exclude List for SSL Proxying List. You can define domains that you do not want to decrypt HTTPS.
⚑️ Improve
  • Use instead of in the Compose Template for better performance
🐞 Bugs
  • Fixed: Proxyman listens on the incorrect network interface.
  • Fixed: Could not add a comment to multiple requests

Proxyman Windows: 1.9.2: Introduce Saved Folder and Tab System βœ…

  • Release date: 04 Jul 2023
  • Download Link: Download
  • SHA-256: afa9684f5d98d491d059241d0ebc52a5b79c00930f5c58106a866afa99af8961
✨ Features
  • Introduce Save Folder: You can quickly save requests for later use. These requests are persisted to the next launch.
  • Introduce the Tab system for Map Local, Compsose, and Breakpoint.
⚑️ Improve
  • Replace Raw Tab with Monaco Editor
🐞 Bugs
  • Fixed: Memory Issue and crash due to run of out memory
  • Fixed: System Bar does not update with the new Proxy Port
  • Fixed: Proxyman does not follow Redirect Requests

Proxyman Windows: 1.9.1: Introduce the Compose & Repeat Tool

  • Release date: 21 Jun 2023
  • Download Link: Download
  • SHA-256: 988cec3475ab4e061d7710e4c80507f2bc8ae4e4d85f814cb620cde86fbc5647
⚑️ Improve
  • Introduce Preference -> Appearance Tab to change the Body Previewer setting, including Word Warp, Mini Map, and Scroll beyond the last line.
  • Able to change the font size of the UI
  • Make the Query and Form in the Request always displayed
  • Upgrade npm libraries
  • Automatically Enable SSL Proxying after installing the certificate
  • Improve App UI
🐞 Bugs
  • Fixed: Proxyman could not recognize the adb from Android Studio
  • Fixed: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'message') with method RESET_ALL_CERTIFICATES

Proxyman Windows: 1.9.0: Introduce the Compose & Repeat Tool

  • Release date: 07 Jun 2023
  • Download Link: Download
  • SHA-256: 1fbede6fd41a5ee1cf66fab502b7938f7c67fd46817038b7c220f15abdb0fd16
✨ Features
  • Introduce the Compose & Repeat Tool: Allow developers to quickly make a RESTFUL request to test your API Server.
  • Support Compose Template: Empty, JSON, Form
⚑️ Improve
  • Add Wildcard or Regex Filter on the primary filter
🐞 Bugs
  • Fixed: Crashes on Monaco Editor due to invalid line number
  • Fixed: Crashes Properties are undefined

Proxyman Windows: 1.8.1: Better Layout for Breakpoint Tool βœ…

  • Release date: 22 May 2023
  • Download Link: Download
  • SHA-256: 6944cc07ef342fb0e476af91b4b177da81ef7e0bc5e3acab24d74392ba243492
⚑️ Improve
  • [Breakpoint] Add the option: "Focus on this Windows for new Breakpoint".
  • [Breakpoint] Show the Breakpoint Badge if there are any waiting breakpoints
  • Add a new "Edited" column
  • Improve the Windows layout: Increase the size of the window, fix the left panel width, and fix the UI on the small screen.
🐞 Bugs
  • Fixed: Breakpoint layout is broken in small devices.

Proxyman Windows: 1.8.0: Introduce Breakpoint Tool. Able to modify HTTP Request/Response on the fly

  • Release date: 15 May 2023
  • Download Link: Download
  • SHA-256: 9ccc2332e5fe4b3cf4fec5dcc1ceb51fd74d5dcc8818f3a0169c78f0bd3e0bb9
✨ Features
  • Introduce the Breakpoint Tool: Allow developers to modify the HTTP Request and Response on-the-fly. Support Host, URL, Query, Form, Method, Header, Status Code, and JSON Body of Request/Response.
⚑️ Improve
  • [Breakpoint] Support Auto-Complete for the Header Key Value
  • [Breakpoint] Able to select a local file for the Body Request / Response
  • [Breakpoint] Import Breakpoint Setting from macOS version
  • [Breakpoint] Support 2 type of Abort Action: Return 503 status code or stop the connection immediately
  • [Breakpoint] Support better Body Preview with Monaco Editor.

Proxyman Windows: 1.7.0: Better Body Previewer with Monaco Editor.

  • Release date: 09 May 2023
  • Download Link: Download
  • SHA-256: a9588bdd19f4cc59fe2be700beea2b6c12f659b27b04013f8feefb8a866d295b
✨ Features
  • [Map Local]: Better auto-completion for Status Code, Header Key, and Value
  • Use Monaco Editor for Body Previewer and Map Local Editor. Better UI/UX
🐞 Bugs
  • Fixed: Map Local Tool with Transport stream file
  • Fixed: Could not export the Request/Response data due to long file Path on Windows
  • [BUG] Console Log error : prop columnWidth of type string supplied to GridColumnHeaderTitle, expected number

Proxyman Windows: 1.6.0: Introduce the Map Local Tool πŸ“

  • Release date: 13 Apr 2023
  • Download Link: Download
  • SHA-256: 0cee0cadc5edb236b3ab34b3a6a8a5161646fb6f12f90ef70c81353b939aa25b
✨ Features
  • Introduce the Map Local Tool: Allow developers to modify the Response (Status Code, Headers, and Body) from a local file. Documentation at
  • Map Local supports Mocks API.
  • Reorder / Resize Column.
⚑️ Improve
  • Refactor UI of the SSL Proxying List.
  • Bulk export Request / Response Body.
🐞 Bugs
  • Fixed: Enable SSL Proxy on a particular domain, do not enable the SSL Tool.
  • Fixed: Proxyman hooks to F11 regardless of its focus.
  • Fixed: Request viewer reporting body as invalid when switching to XML view.

Proxyman for Windows with Map Local Tool

Proxyman Windows 1.5.0: Introduce the Search / Filter / JSON Path Query for the JSON Tree View 🌳

  • Release date: 12 Mar 2023
  • Download Link: Download
  • SHA-256: 1eed1eff22f6172f3d86eaced91f4b4387fbacb7c617b64206b5765f30e72de2
✨ Features
  • Introduce the Filter/Search for the JSON Tree View.
  • Support JSON Search Path to quickly query the JSON Data
  • Filter JSON would filter out all matched nodes
  • Search JSON helps you to find all keys/values. Jump to the Next / Preview result with ease.
⚑️ Improve
  • Hide the 3rd column on the Header, Form, Query Table View
  • Able to sort the column on the main table view.
🐞 Bugs
  • Fixed: Updating to the new app version or opening the proxymanlogv2 file might cause the license key to be removed.

Proxyman Windows: 1.4.0: Introduce the Filter Bar on the Source List πŸ”

  • Release date: 28 Feb 2023
  • Download Link: Download
  • SHA-256: 425c243c6d59db331566d3b5e3504ba1e6f0a5ae6e91ae75e47f9bcb15235e4c
✨ Features
  • Introduce the Filter Bar on Source List: Allow developers to quickly filter the Domain in the Source List.
⚑️ Improve
  • Completely Remove the @mui/icon-material and replace it with SF Symbol Icon.
  • Add a Show/Hide Filter button on the Header, Query, Form, and Raw tabs to quickly open/close the Filter bar.
🐞 Bugs
  • Fixed: Invalid PEM formatted message
  • Fixed: Filter Bar does not work if in some scenarios.

Proxyman Windows: 1.3.0: Filter Bar for the Headers View βœ…

  • Release date: 19 Feb 2023
  • Download Link: Download
  • SHA-256: 62d774ab32bd276bb4156eef4c30ad08349943e0bfe13725c48aee8f41fd944c
✨ Features
  • Introduce the Customize Columns which allows developers to add/remove their column that fits your workspace.
  • You can set the device name on the Remote Device. It is easier to recognize what devices are.
  • Add the Filter ViewΒ Bar on the Header, Query, and Form Tab.
  • Able to add the Comment to Request/Response.
⚑️ Improve
  • Add QR code for
  • When sorting the Key/Value column in the Header, it will persist the user choice.
  • Export Proxyman Root CA Certificate to folder.
  • Add some menu items to the Help Menu.
  • Update ElectronJS Boilerplate version.
  • Optimize UX on Main Filter View.
🐞 Bugs
  • Fixed: Reset Root Certificate does not clear the certificate file.
  • Fixed: Proxymanlogv2 doesn't include the Compressed Size Value of the Request / Response.
  • Fixed: Some crashes.
πŸ“Έ Screenshots

Proxyman features Proxyman features

Proxyman Windows: 1.2.0: Improve App Stability πŸ› οΈ

  • Release date: 06 Feb 2023
  • SHA-256: 98534ee7a3df767edb0cb7dc06691b6d97ba266fe0a6aa5e1c8c06218dda21c8
⚑️ Improve
  • Change App Shortcuts for all debugging tools: From now, it's a combination of Control + Shift +
  • Generate a wildcard in the SubjectAltName (DNS) for the Server Certificate, e.g. *
  • Up/Down Arrow can navigate up/down rows on the Header, Query, Form, Cookie View
  • Limit the Multiple Filter for the Free Version
🐞 Bugs
  • Fixed: The App Shortcut does not work if selected on the Body or Raw Tab
  • Fixed: SSL Error requests do not appear on the app
  • Fixed: Control + F does not show the Filter
  • Fixed: Set-Cookie Tab is missing
  • Fixed: Proxyman could not intercept some subdomains due to an invalid Server Certificate.

Proxyman Windows: 1.1.0: Multiple Filters and GraphQL Tabs

  • Release date: 25 Jan 2023
  • Download Link: Download
  • SHA-256: 9ccd53920239bc68c798f2e67ad0cfab7d1bfb39f9e36dfd65cf9b9380e980ec
✨ Features
  • Introduce the GraphQL Tab: Automatically prettify the Query Name and the Variables
  • Introduce Multiple Filters: Combine multiple filters, so it's easier to track down the URL Request/Response.
⚑️ Improve
  • All column states (Column Size, Order) is persisted for the next launch
  • Remove the Skip Button on the ADB and WSL when overridden by the Android Emulator
  • Remove the PowerShell script for installing the certificate on Windows 10
🐞 Bugs
  • Fixed: Able to click multiple times when clicking on the "Install/Uninstall" certificate -> Causes unexpected Bugs
  • Fixed: Missing Source Map when building the app
  • Fixed: Crash on Function.getPathNameAndURLFromFlow due to an invalid URL

Proxyman for Windows with Multiple Filters feature

Proxyman Windows: 1.0.0: Stable build for 2023 πŸ”₯

  • Release date: 04 Jan 2023
  • SHA-256: d65be3742536c882d59b38b7f3bc7785ae57dfc90d270744ee2e9637229e1efc
✨ Features
  • Improve the Source List: Show traffic from Remote Devices Section => It's easier to categorize traffic by each remote devices.
  • Add Wildcard Support for SSL Proxying List
  • Export Folder as HAR
⚑️ Improve
  • Use Arial font
  • Allow to Pin a request to the Pin folder from the Right Menu Context

Proxyman Windows: 0.10.0 (BETA): Pin as Favorites domains πŸ“

  • Release date: 21 Dec 2022
  • SHA-256: 4b2c31449a01c5a81d0ffd67c737678b9b09189053662bf525e8382591f88cb5
✨ Features
  • Introduce the Pinned Folder that allows you to pin working domains.
  • Introduce the Window Management buttons on the top right navigation bar. It allows for expand/collapse of the Right, Bottom, and Left panels.
⚑️ Improve
  • Polish the UI
  • Introduce the JSON Tree View v2 which is performant with a large JSON.
🐞 Bugs
  • Fixed: Filter View Bar position is not consistent with the macOS
  • Fixed: Factory Reset does not work properly

Proxyman Windows: 0.9.0 (BETA): Introduce Source List Tree Panel!

  • Release date: 04 Dec 2022
  • SHA-256: b1f8d069f3ec0dc4c10f899498f7ab36345686fa68508adf47a5e9a77a8b2575
✨ Features
  • Introducing the Source List Tree feature, which groups all traffic by domain for easier navigation and use of the app
  • Improved user experience with the new Source List Tree feature, making it easier to find and debug specific web traffic
  • Added a context menu to the Source List Tree for even more flexibility in inspecting and managing traffic
⚑️ Improve
  • Improved the Clear Session button to now also clear all domains in the Source List Tree
  • The Clear Flow button now only clears the current selection, rather than the entire flow list
🐞 Bugs
  • Fixed an issue where the certificate could not be generated due to an invalid PC's username
  • Fixed a problem where the CertUtils tool was unable to install the certificate on Windows 10

Proxyman Windows: 0.8.0 (BETA): Introduce Auto-Select & Improve App Stability

  • Release date: 23 Nov 2022
  • SHA-256: a51db223dfd812dab04337068fd3ab486edc8fb82304abbe08c004c91e65e47b
✨ Features
  • Introduce the Auto-Select feature: Automatically select the latest request.
⚑️ Improve
  • The app is more reliable since we have dozen of Unit Tests to verify the ProxyCore properly works
  • Add CI/CD

Proxyman Windows: 0.7.0 (BETA): Customize Previewer Tabs & New App Icon πŸ”₯

  • Release date: 08 Nov 2022
  • SHA-256: a816c8ab76598c4a937d348057f584fd51035cc3c9cf5b34f8dedc85c7be5c65
✨ Features
  • Introduce: Customize Previewer Tabs, which allows developers to show Preview Tabs, e.g. JSON, JSON TreeView, Hex, Image, CSS, HTML, ...
  • Introduce Factory Reset that allows resetting all data.
  • Support Open Proxyman Log v2 file. We can share ProxymanLog files across macOS, iOS & Windows
  • Brand-new App Icon
⚑️ Improve
  • Export to ProxymanLogv2
🐞 Bugs
  • Fixed: Handle User Cancelled exception when installing the certificate
  • Fixed: Exception on getTextForContentType()
  • Fixed: Filter button doesn't show a selected state
  • Fixed: Could not select the URL on the URL Text Field
  • Fixed: Could not resize the column of the Header
  • Fixed: Right click on empty table view makes the app crash

Proxyman Windows: 0.6.0 (BETA): Automatic Script for Android Emulator & No Caching Tool πŸ€–

  • Release date: 25 Oct 2022
  • SHA-256: f3a2b3b8207c0fe21d13c505eeb98d2a048ca933621e4f87b52ddb1f4295553d
✨ Features
  • Introduce the Automatic Script for Android Emulator. You can override HTTP Proxy & Trust the certificate in 1-click.
  • Introduce: No Caching Tool enables developers to always request up-to-date data from your server. Ignore all caching layers.
⚑️ Improve
  • Support --proxy flag on cURL
  • Support WebP image Body Previewer
  • Improving the timing for the Request + Response
  • Show the troubleshooting page if the certificate installation is failed
🐞 Bugs
  • Fixed: Incorrect URI in the Request Raw Tab
  • Fixed: Control + A does not select all Rows

Proxyman Windows: 0.5.0 (BETA): Export ProxymanLog & Preview Body with Hex View

  • Release date: 14 Oct 2022
  • SHA-256: 9a8315eeac00c03c77fa2eb848ad5c4f5cf19b70e8b20b087cb81454a65d1256
✨ Features
  • Export as ProxymanLog: We can share Proxyman Log to Proxyman for macOS
  • Open HAR File
  • Introduce the Hex Viewer for the Body Previewer
⚑️ Improve
  • Truncating the Raw Tab if the body size exceeds 5Mb
  • Add new menu to Certificate Menu
🐞 Bugs
  • Fixed: Error: listen EADDRINUSE: address already in use
  • Fixed: Crashed: ReferenceError: setDialogMui is not defined
  • Fixed: Low-resolution icon when creating a shortcut
  • Fixed: Unexpected keyboard highlights in the menu bar while using the mouse

Proxyman Windows: 0.4.2 (BETA): Super Hot-fix πŸ”₯

  • Release date: 3 Oct 2022
  • SHA-256: c076af04414b887262303b84d9322afee87a278369d9679f768b0bb5cdea014c
🐞 Bugs
  • Fixed: Unable to launch Proxyman on Windows 10 & 11. Only occur if it's the first time opening the app

Proxyman Windows: 0.4.1 (BETA): Hot fix for the Repeat Tool πŸ› 

  • Release date: 1 Oct 2022
  • SHA-256: c6f372165be6a58680c7438894efd98caa70fa61ae375b4874aa85e899be163c
⚑️ Improve
  • Show the Placeholder on the Request/Response Body if the Body Size exceeds than 5Mb
  • Refactor Header Tab
🐞 Bugs
  • Fixed: The app is unresponsive if opens the large body (>= 5Mb)
  • Fixed: The Repeat tool does not work on the Production build 0.4.0
  • Fixed: Status Column color is buggy
πŸ“Έ Screenshots

Proxyman for Windows 11- Repeat Tool

Proxyman Windows: 0.4.0 (BETA): The first debugging tool: Repeat Tool 🀝

  • Release date: 30 Sep 2022
  • SHA-256: 73d95262af76371b3af6bf83963e8c5bee7cf35f7f3864a1dc52628b90d760c2
✨ Features
  • Introduce the Repeat Tool which allows developers to quickly repeat the current request to get a new response from your server.
  • Introduce: Cookie & Set-Cookie Tab for a better Cookie Previewer
  • Export selected request/response to HAR format. You can open the log file from Proxyman for macOS.
⚑️ Improve
  • Content Filter can determine multiple types of a given request/response
  • New layout for iOS & Android Guideline UI
  • Support Copy as cURL by Powershell or BashShell
🐞 Bugs
  • Fixed: Status Column does not work.
πŸ“Έ Screenshots
Proxyman for Windows

Proxyman Windows: 0.3.0 (BETA): Support iOS & Android Guideline πŸ“±

  • Release date: 20 Sep 2022
  • SHA-256: ab57d63b2c62a2d492a411b8510ce23d0f0ac443736c07eb4e6af344cdaa27da
✨ Features
  • Add "Install Certificate for iOS Physical Device Guideline"
  • Add "Install Certificate for Android Physical Device Guideline"
  • Able to install the Proxyman Certificate via
  • Copy Header menu context
⚑️ Improve
  • Revamp with Better color UI
  • Better Window Title for Windows 11
  • Clear request/response during the filter only affects on the current filters.
  • Support MenuContext from BlueprintJS with DataGrid
  • Add Date to Proxyman CA Certificate
  • Limit Premium Feature
🐞 Bugs
  • Fixed: Shortcuts from Right Menu Context do not work anymore
πŸ“Έ Screenshots
Proxyman for Windows

Proxyman Windows: 0.2.0 (BETA): Introduce Content Type Filter Bar and JSON Tree View πŸŽ„

  • Release date: 06 Sep 2022
  • SHA-256: 11784f8c454923e72551f10ce2a810600ea7877e0ea10162dafe37ceaa66b85b
✨ Features
  • Introduce Content Type Filter on the navigation bar to quickly filter, including HTTP, HTTPS, Status Code, JSON, XML, Document, etc.
  • Proxyman would detect the listening port at launch time. Find the available port if it's occupied.
  • Add JSON TreeView to better JSON Visualization.
  • Override System Proxy via the menu.
⚑️ Improve
  • Support Content-Encoding: gzip, deflate, br
  • Add About Us Windows
  • Support Markdown on the changelog
  • Better color for the Split View
🐞 Bugs
  • Fixed: Content-Encoding: gzip/deflate/br does not show properly
  • Fixed: Crash on Event Emitter on ON_OPEN_DIALOG_SSL_PROXYING_LIST
  • Fixed: The body Tab displays an empty body from GET Requests.
  • Fixed: Auto-select next flows do not work properly when deleting flow from the filtered table.
  • Fixed: The request panel is unexpectedly resized.
  • Fixed: Crash app due to Memory Leak
πŸ“Έ Screenshots

Proxyman for Windows 11 With Content Type Filter

Proxyman Windows: 0.1.1 (BETA): Hotfix for Windows 10 users πŸ”₯

  • Release date: 24 Aug 2022
  • SHA-256: 8fc5fe541808d7918922cf697d631c135b0bebf97a6df61b73801d1db7e15360
🐞 Bugs
  • Fixed: Could not install the certificate on Windows 10
  • Fixed: Windows 11: The body & Raw Font is too thin
  • Fixed: Unhandled Exception on the Production build
πŸ“Έ Screenshots

Proxyman for Windows

Proxyman Windows: 0.1.0 (BETA): Introduce Proxyman for Windows 🚒

  • Release date: 22 Aug 2022
  • SHA-256: 8c4d8bb6d8ad4c632178584f11ed41e1549888cb5044cd83ea730c6a32ac7111
✨ Features
  • Introduce the very first Beta of Proxyman for Windows
  • Support Windows 11
  • Install & Trust the certificate on Window Machine
  • Introduce SSL Proxying List that you can define which domains should be decrypted.
  • Automatically Override the HTTP Proxy at launch time. Listen at port 9090
  • Inspect Header, Query, Body and Raw of the request/response.
  • License System. You can activate with the current macOS Key.
  • Filter Bar: Able to quickly filter the request with particular URL, Query, Header
  • Clear Session
  • Auto Update